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Announcing 电子游戏厅 Data Collector ver

电子游戏厅 新闻

We’re happy to announce a new version of the 电子游戏厅 Data Collector. This version has a number of bug fixes and - most importantly - support for Elasticsearch 2.x.

By February 18, 2016

Continuous Ingest in the Face of Data Drift – Part 2 (from the Cloudera Vision 博客)

Industry, 电子游戏厅 新闻

In my previous post I discussed the causes and impacts of data drift, a natural consequence of Big Data which creates serious data quality and data pipeline operational issues. Now I will describe the features of 电子游戏厅 Data Collector, how they address ingesting data in a “drifty” environment and describe some common use cases. 电子游戏厅 was founded to deliver a…

Arvind Prabhakar By February 9, 2016

Continuous Ingest in the Face of Data Drift (from the Cloudera Vision 博客)

Industry, 电子游戏厅 新闻, 电子游戏厅 Partners

Big data has come a long way, with adoption accelerating as CIOs recognize the business value of extracting insights from the troves of data collected by their companies and business partners. 但, as is often the case with innovations, mainstream adoption of big data has exposed a new challenge: how to ingest data continuously from any source and with high…

Arvind Prabhakar By February 1, 2016
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